Benjamin Wittes is a Senior Fellow in Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution where he co-directs the Harvard Law School-Brookings Project on Security and Law. He specializes in the legal issues surrounding international security and the war on terrorism. He is the author of Detention and Denial: The Case for Candor After Guantanamo (Brookings Institution Press, 2011), Law and the Long War: The Future of Justice in the Age of Terror (Penguin Press, 2008), and co-editor of Constitution 3.0: Freedom and Technological Change (Brookings Institution Press, forthcoming).

Prior to serving at the Brookings Institution, Wittes was an editorial writer for The Washington Post, specializing in legal affairs. His writing has appeared in The AtlanticSlate, The New Republic, The Wilson QuarterlyThe Weekly Standard, Policy Review, and First Things. He also blogs at Lawfare and is a member of the Hoover Institution’s Task Force on National Security and the Law.

Ritika Singh is a research assistant on law and national security issues at the Brookings Institution. She graduated with majors in International Affairs and Government from Skidmore College in May 2011, and wrote her thesis on Russia‚Äôs energy agenda in Europe and its strategic implications for America.