George H. Smith is the author of books and articles on numerous subjects from a libertarian and skeptical point of view. He worked closely with Roy A. Childs, one of the leading lights of the early libertarian movement in the United States. He has worked for many years with the Institute for Humane Studes at George Mason University and also at the Cato Institute, teaching political philosophy and American political and intellectual history at seminars sponsored by them.

Smith worked for more than six years as the General Editor of Knowledge Products, a Nashville-based company that produced educational audio recordings in philosophy, history, economics, and current affairs. During those years, in addition to his duties as editor, Smith was also the primary scriptwriter for Knowledge Products’ “Great Political Thinkers” series. These recordings have been used widely in college classrooms.

George H. Smith was formerly Senior Research Fellow for the Institute for Humane Studies, a lecturer on American History for Cato Summer Seminars, and Executive Editor of Knowledge Products. Smith’s fourth book, Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism, is forthcoming from Cambridge University Press.