As president of the Breakthrough Institute, Michael Shellenberger is a leading national advocate for the U.S. to make a 10-year, $500 billion public-private investment into cutting-edge clean energy technologies to achieve energy independence, restore America’s economic competitiveness, and slow global warming. He is co-author of Break Through and “The Death of Environmentalism.” In 2008, Time magazine named Michael and Ted Nordhaus “Environmental Heroes of the Year.” Michael has written for The New York Times, the New Republic, the American Prospect, Salon, Harvard Law and Policy Review, Democracy, and Glamour Magazine.

Ted Nordhaus is an author, researcher, and political strategist. He is co-author of Break Through and “The Death of Environmentalism.” Over the last twenty years, Ted has run major campaigns and initiatives for a large assortment of environmental and progressive political causes including the Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs), the Sierra Club, Environmental Defense, and Clean Water Action. He also served as the Campaign Director for Share the Water, a coalition of environmentalists, fishermen, farmers, and urban water agencies advocating reform of federal water policies in California, Executive Director of the Headwaters Sanctuary Project, and as a partner and political strategist with Next Generation and Evans/McDonough strategy and research firms serving political campaigns and environmental organizations.