Rok Spruk is an assistant professor of economics at the School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana. He obtained his PhD in quantitative economic history at Utrecht University in 2016. His research interests encompass economic growth and development, economic history, empirical political economy, and methods of causal inference. His research has appeared in journals such as Journal of Comparative Economics, Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, Empirical Economics, Economics & Politics, Journal of Regulatory Economics, Journal of Institutional Economics, Applied Economics, and several others. His recent research examines the economic benefits of joining the United States of America using a rigorous data-driven approach, the contribution of autocratic tendencies in mature democracies to economic growth, long-term effects of political and economic liberalization, and the contribution of factious politics to economic decline of Lebanon. He is a member of Econometric Society, American Economic Association, Italian Econometric Society, and Spanish Law and Economics Association.