Steve Radelet is a Senior Fellow at the Center for Global Development, where he works on issues related to foreign aid, developing country debt, economic growth, and trade between rich and poor countries. He was Deputy Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury for Africa, the Middle East, and Asia from January 2000 through June 2002. In that capacity he was responsible for developing policies on U.S. financial relations with the countries in these regions, including debt rescheduling and programs with the IMF, World Bank, and other international financial institutions. He oversaw policy development on the U.S. response to Turkey’s financial crisis, Pakistan’s debt restructuring, India’s financial relationships with the U.S., the aftermath of Indonesia’s financial crisis, Nigeria’s re-engagement with the international financial institutions, and development issues throughout Africa. From 1990-2000 he was on the faculty of Harvard University, where he was a Fellow at the Harvard Institute for International Development (HIID), Director of the Institute’s Macroeconomics Program, and a Lecturer on Economics and Public Policy. From 1991-95, he lived in Jakarta, Indonesia, where he was HIID’s resident advisor on macroeconomic policy to the Indonesian Ministry of Finance. He served in a similar capacity with the Ministry of Finance and Trade in The Gambia from 1986-88. He was also a Peace Corps Volunteer in Western Samoa from 1981-83.

His research and publications have focused on foreign aid, economic growth, financial crises, and trade policy in developing countries, especially in sub-Saharan Africa and East Asia. He has written numerous articles in economics journals and other publications, is co-author of Economics of Development (a leading undergraduate textbook), and author of Challenging Foreign Aid: A Policymaker’s Guide to the Millennium Challenge Account.