Jacob T. Levy

Jacob T. Levy is Tomlinson Professor of Political Theory, Professor of Political Science, and associated faculty in the Department of Philosophy at McGill University. He is the coordinator of McGill’s Research Group on Constitutional Studies and Montreal’s Groupe de Recherche Interuniversitaire en Philosophie Politique, and the founding director of McGill’s Yan P. Lin Centre for the Study of Freedom and Global Cultures in the Ancient and Modern Worlds. He is the author of The Multiculturalism of Fear (Oxford, 2000) and Rationalism, Pluralism, and Freedom (Oxford, 2014, discussed here), and editor or coeditor of Colonialism and Its Legacies, Nomos LV: Federalism and Subsidiarity, and the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of Classics in Contemporary Political Theory.

His published articles and chapters cover topics including federalism, Montesquieu and the history of liberal thought, the desacralization of the state, and the rights of indigenous peoples and linguistic minorities. He holds an MA and PhD in Politics from Princeton University and an LLM from the University of Chicago Law School. He blogs regularly at Bleeding Heart Libertarians and is an Adjunct Scholar at the Cato Institute.